Trained Fertilizer Applicators Program​​

Trained Fertilizer Applicators under the direct supervision of a Certified Fertilizer Applicator (CFA) may apply fertilizer to turf. Direc​​t supervision means that Certified Fertilizer Applicators shall provide written instructions regarding the application of fertilizer and maintain immediate contact with the Trained Fertilizer Applicator via radio or mobile phone (voice) communication.

For any professional to become a Trained Fertilizer Applicator, the individual must:

  1. Receive annual training on the laws, rules and regulations, standards and requirements applicable to the use and application of fertilizer. The standards for training are provided on the right-side of this page.
  2. CFA registers each Trained Fertilizer Applicator by logging in and going to the Status page.  CFA adds name and contact info for each TFA.  
  3. Pay the registration fee ($40).   At the time you make payment, you can print out the permanent certificate.
  4. CFA prints the certificate.    CFA prints out a certificate for each TFA, clicking a link beside each TFA's name on the Status page.  

Once this process is complete, the individual's name and affiliation will appear in the Trained Fertilizer Applicator list on the ProFACT website.

Training Materials

The training material for Trained Fertilizer Applicators is provided below in three basic forms: a PowerPoint slideshow (pps), a printable (pdf) version of the slideshow, and a printable (pdf) manual. Any one of the forms can be used to complete the required training.

PowerPoint slide show (pps)

PowerPoint slide show (pps) Spanish version


PowerPoint printable version (pdf) 42 pages

PowerPoint printable version (pdf) Spanish version



Training Manual (pdf) 15 pages

Training Manual (pdf) Spanish version

Certified Fertilizer Applicators are allowed to develop and use their own training material but it must be submitted to the ProFACT program for approval. Please send a copy of training materials to...


Mailing Address:

Department of Plant Biology and Pathology
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
59 Dudley Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8520