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collapse Module 1: Hazards and Environmental Impact of Applying Fertilizer, including Nutrient Pollution, to Waterbodies

Nutrients and Water Quality at the Watershed Scale


Drinking Water and Nitrogen Movement

Phosphorus Runoff and Fertilization


Summary of Risk Factors for Turf Fertilization

collapse Module 2: Best Management Practices for Nutrient Management of Turf


Soil Properties and Relationship with Nutrient Loss and Erosion

Turfgrass Species Selection

Planting and Establishment Practices to Prevent Nutrient Loss and Erosion

Nutrient Management Practices to Prevent Unwarranted or Over-Application of Nutrients

Guidelines to Develop a Nitrogen (N) Fertilization Schedule for Established Turfs in New Jersey

Areas to Avoid Applying Fertilizer

Irrigation Management to Prevent Nutrient Transport with Runoff and Leaching

Mowing Practices Related to Nutrient Management

Mixing and Loading Practices

Spill Cleanup

Other Management Factors

Fertilizer Storage

Container Disposal Practices

Recommended Nutrient Application BMP Checklist for Large-acreage Properties, Professional Turf Managers, and Consultants

collapse Module 3: Correct Interpretation of Fertilizer Labeling Information


Explanation of the Fertilizer Grade on the Fertilizer Label

Using the Fertilizer Grade

Phosphorus and the Fertilizer Label

Understanding the Fertilizer Label

Nitrogen Restrictions and the Fertilizer Label

Basic Steps in Selecting the Proper Fertilizer Grade

collapse Module 4: Proper Use and Calibration of Fertilizer Application Equipment


Types of Fertilizer Application Equipment

Proper Use of Fertilizer Application Equipment

Purpose of Calibrating Fertilizer Application Equipment

Calibration for Dry (Granular) Fertilizer Spreaders

Calibration for Liquid Fertilizer Sprayers

Calibration of Handheld Spray Gun

Field Checking Sprayer Calibration

Useful Equivalents and Formulas

collapse Module 5: Applicable Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Introduction and Summary Points of the New Jersey Fertilizer Law

Actions Prohibited When Applying Fertilizer

Restriction on Nitrogen Use for Professional Applications

Restrictions on Phosphorus Use and Content of Fertilizer


Professional Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training (ProFACT) Program

Violation, Penalties & Preemption of Existing Ordinances, Resolutions

When does the Law go into effect?